Estonian Science Fiction Association

What is speculative fiction?
Speculative fiction (ulme in Estonian, die Fantastik in German) is a genre of art that deliberately and stressedly depicts the world as in reality it is not. SF is primarily found in literature and cinematography. SF is divided into three subgenres: science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Estonian Science Fiction Association
Founded on March 25, 1995. Its purposes are the presentation and popularization of SF and the development of Estonian SF. Each summer, the Estonian Science Fiction Association organizes the annual gathering of SF fans, Estcon, where the winners of the Estonian SF award, Stalker, are announced.

Since 1998, the ESFA has once a year given the Stalker award that recognizes good SF literature published in Estonian in the previous calendar year. The award is given in accordance to the statute and the results of a reader vote.

Once a month, highly informal gatherings take place in Tartu and Tallinn and once a year the Estcon happens – a great summer SF event for everyone.

President of the Society: Veiko Belials
Board members: Kersti Taurus, Joel Jans
E-mail: juhatus(at)

Society bank account number: EE422200221014406123


As of juni 11, 2021, the society has 86members.

To join, an application form has to be filled and sent to In addition, a membership fee (20 Euros as of 2021) has to be paid, and to stay a member, the fee has to be paid once a year henceforth. The money from the fees will be used to give the Stalker award and finance other projects. In addition to the warm feeling that one has sponsored the Stalker, members can also attend the Estcon cheaply.